Complete Curriculum

Our hybrid program offers a complete content rich curriculum in both core and extracurricular subjects for grades K-12.

Language Arts and Literature, Mathematics, History, Science, Music, Catechism, and Apologetics are provided in two full days of conservatory-style instruction at our Parish based campus. 

Content area experts rooted in Catholic faith and values bring the joy of learning to life through our unique pedagogical approach.  Parents participate fully with reinforcement at home.

Catholic Community

We know your homeschool journey is as unique as your family and your faith.

Our faithful Catholic community is here to come alongside you to both celebrate your joys and support you through your struggles. 

Fiat Mihi rejoices in the sacraments, honors the Magisterium, focuses on sanctification, and encourages service and vocations to energize and fortify our Church and our communities. 

Flexible Enrollment

Fiat Mihi offers a range of enrollment options to meet your families needs this year, and in the years to come.

From single a la carte classes to enrollment through our Private School Program for Homeschoolers offering record keeping, parent educational coaching, and Fiat Mihi’s High School diploma, our flexible enrollment options allow us to support you in your families unique fiat.

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We offer a complete Catholic curriculum in a conservatory-style classroom setting for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. We meet two days a week to create a cornerstone of instruction, community, and sacramental life to support you, the domestic church, in your homeschooling journey.

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Opening September 2020

Enrollment Opens June 27th, 2020