Hi. I’m Serena Lucia and this is something new.

It’s something rich and complex.

It’s a place for homeschoolers who love Jesus. It’s a place where being Catholic means being universal, not homogenous. This is a place where how we treat people is way more important that what curriculum we use.

Nothing is Jesus but Jesus.

This is the land of misfit moms—a community where authenticity is valued and your unique heart is cherished.

It’s a home for homeschoolers who unschool, classically school, or Montessori school. Here I imagine Steiner and Mason drink coffee with Socrates sharing their ideas with kindness and finding value in their differences. This is a place to get help figuring out which philosophy of education would best serve your students and their unique needs.

This is not a place for political gun slinging or self affirming yes culture but rather a home for reimagining listening and speaking so we can restore our ability to engage in true dialogue.

Here disagreement doesn’t end in disconnection.

This is a community of curiosity and freedom for you and your family to question everything without fear because we know God is love. This is a place of freedom to worship as you are called without judgment. This is a community where discernment is fostered and your ability to hear God’s voice is respected…even when He calls you differently than He calls me.

This is a place where we can keep your homeschooling records if you want us to but we don’t have to. In this place we will mentor you, encourage you, and walk with you as you journey through homeschooling looking to its sanctifying graces.

We will never judge your parenting by your children’s behaviors because we know every story is different. We will listen to your trials and triumphs. We will cry with you and celebrate with you too. We will help equip you with tools to grow.

This is a place where we will teach you more about child development to help you improve your relationships with your students. This is a place to learn about teaching skills and pedagogy. This is place to make mistakes and find better ways. This is a place to find a helping hand on hard days and endless empathy. We know you’re not perfect and we promise not to pretend to be.

We will not let the best be the enemy of the good.

This is a place where you don’t have to think about likes or clicks or comments. Instead you can think about your kids. This is an Insta free zone.

This is a community in the making for homeschooling families who are looking for something more. Families who are craving relationship in the body of Christ.

This is Fiat Mihi. Let’s build it together.

In Christ Jesus,

Serena Lucia

562-652-7719 (Cell/Text)

P.S. Come back soon…more pages are underway with all the hard details and park days to follow.