Dear Homeschool Families,

I am sitting outside, on my front porch, enjoying some German toast with ham and Swiss cheese. A fresh cup of coffee with frothy milk at is at my elbow and in front of me is…an empty Zoom meeting.

There is so much to learn as I try to say yes to God’s call to start this program. I didn’t realize that building the academic program would be so much easier than understanding website analytics and how to get an email form to post on my homepage.

I appreciate you all coming alongside me in prayer as I stumble through the “business” side of this program’s inception. Today I will ty to find out more about filing an LLC and return the insurance companies call for business insurance. I will use this quiet time to write this post and try to figure out how to connect the blog to the Facebook page. Maybe I will get a page or two added to the site with curricula and teaching job descriptions.

The funny thing about surrender to the will of God is that it so often looks nothing like what I expect it will. I have to remind myself that it really has nothing to do with me. That means, of course, that I can take credit neither for the successes nor berate myself for the failures. The failures are only failures to someone small, like me, who doesn’t see the whole story. Today’s empty meeting means that all of you are doing other things; things that God has invited you into. And it means that I am supposed to be writing this post and enjoying my breakfast instead of hosting a meeting.

Lately, a friend mentioned the beautiful analogy of a tapestry being woven by God. From our perspective on Earth, seeing only the backside of the tapestry, we see only the knots and threads in an apparently messy array of interweaving. From God’s perspective, He sees the masterpiece of our lives, interwoven into the fabric of history.

Thank you, Jesus, for weaving us together into this vignette. Please show us the shape and form you wish it to take. Submit our hearts, our time, and our efforts to your will.

Thanks be to God!