Apostate or Apostolate?

Hello, Friends! A lot happened on our website today. Three cheers for a flurry of work and the team here at Chez Onto who helped accomplish some big goals in a little bit of time today. The mission statement is drafted and some infographics are up. The menu was edited and added to and almost all the pages have their own image of Our Lady from Catholic traditions around the globe and across time with more to come. (Do I need some commas there?)

The funny thing about working fast, as I am now, just before movie night, is that you can easily make errors. Between looking up APOSTOLICAM ACTUOSITATEM, which I suggest you read if you haven’t in a while, and ensuring I was accurately defining this new organization as an apostolate I noticed, after publishing a draft, that I had written apostate in more than one place. Ah! That’s what I am trying to avoid, not what I am trying to make! I think I fixed all the typos…

So, off now to movie night, but be assured that we are forming an apostolate, full of zeal for what God has called us to in the laity and have no intention of denouncing or profaning anything sacred.

Be sure to check out the updates and send me some feedback!

God Bless!

Serena Lucia

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