Hello, Homeschool Families! Welcome to Summer! I know most of you are finishing up your programs for the year and moving on to exploring what to do for next year. I have great news…We are opening enrollment June 27th! We are so excited to be a virtual vendor at the Southern California Catholic Home Educators 21st Annual Conference and are opening our registration the day of the conference! Register for free for the conference here. We will have a fantastic video add produced by my generous husband, Tom Ontiveros. We will also run a discount special on enrollment! It is very exciting to have an deadline in sight!

In other news…we have an official name!

Some of you know that in our family, Tom names the children. That means that we don’t have names picked out until after we meet the baby. Sometimes for a few days! In very much the same way this program was born without a name. We have been calling it Saints in the Making because that it was the program wants to do, form saints! However, we knew that while a catchy and acceptable name, it wasn’t the one God had ordained for the program. I put Tom in charge of naming this program just like he does our children. While I prayed for Tom’s discernment, I went into full throttle research mode.

I kept thinking of The Church Militant, because I am so often focused on the spiritual battles of this life and the need to raise warriors for Christ. God gave me a clear “no” on that name in an email from the Ebiner family. They just started an AMAZING video series on the martyrs and guess what they named it…Milites Dei: Soldiers of God! (If you haven’t seen the videos, check them out and subscribe for a real treat.) I always appreciate clear answers from God, especially when they come in the form of a blessing like this.

Karrie Kapp, our first Advisory Board Member (Hip-Hip-Hooray!), kept encouraging me to look for a name that honored Our Lady. I dug deep and learned about the Antiphons, the traditional names of Mary, the apparitions, the many devotions, and hunted down Latin translations while searching the Vatican website for inspiration.

Theotokos kept coming to mind, God Bearer; I have my conversion roots in the Byzantine tradition and so I explored the origins of that beautiful name. (Here is a great article with more on that.)

It just wasn’t working though. I could not find the right fit. I kept brainstorming and texting Tom a list of ideas. I can be a bit, well, focused. In one of our conference calls a mama said to me, “Thank you for your fiat!” Hmmm…maybe fiat. But that’s a blogging conference in Pasadena. More research. More research. More texts went to Tom. We talked and managed life and within a few days the sum of our texts looked something like this with dinner plan texts and household management mentions removed for clarity.

Me: What about Theotokos? Dei Genitrix or Deipara?

Tom: Maybe. What do they mean?

Me: God Bearer

Me: Mother of God

Me: Theotokos is the Byzantine title

Tom: I’ll think on it and keep saying them outloud

Me: or Fiat?

Me: Theotokos…

Me: Theotokos?

Tom: Does it need to be in Latin?

Me: No.

Me: Theotokos is Greek.

Tom: Ok.

Me: Fiat?

Tom: I like that

Me: Fiat Mihi is what Mary said to Gabriel

Me: Fiat Lux is what God said to create light

Tom: Fiat Mihi

Me: Ok

Tom: As we are called, how will we answer.

Me: Since I started crying and have the chills, I guess that’s it!

Me: Will you write it on a piece of paper lie the kids names?


So there it is! Fiat Mihi! Let it be done unto me. Tom’s words, “As we are called, how will we answer?” rang in my soul.

Now on to a logo and a branding image and all that jazz, but with a name! Fiat Mihi!

Jesus, I surrender this program to you. Take care of everything!

God Bless You!

Serena and the team at Fiat Mihi

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the Milites Dei videos here!