Fiat Mihi

We are a lay apostolate offering a program to support faithful homeschool families. We offer a classical curriculum in a conservatory-style classroom setting for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. This ministry is dedicated to supporting the domestic church in accordance with Lumen gentium and the order to live out our Catholic faith in our families, our parishes, our communities, and as members of the universal Church.

We meet two days a week to create a cornerstone of instruction, community, and sacramental life to support you and your family. We provide direct instruction in Language, Literature, History, Science, Mathematics, Music, Catechism, and Apologetics by content area experts trained in pedagogy and rooted in Catholic faith.

We are a conservatory for Christ, and therefore our primary subject is Christ, with all other content to be mastered as a means to foster discernment as we seek relationship with Jesus through communion with the Holy Catholic Church. Modeled after the European conservatory teaching model, we have a focused goal for each of our students–to know, love, and serve God.