Elementary Curricula and Schedule

Kindergarten through 5th Grade

8:30Divine Liturgy/MassDivine Liturgy/Mass
12:00Lunch/ Quiet TimeLunch/Quiet Time

Elementary students may enroll in full or half day classes. Full day is from 8:30-2:30pm. Half Day classes are from 8:30-12:30. Students in half day classes may enjoy lunch with their classmates.

When we receive our parish home, we will arrange the day according to the priests ability to teach catechism to the students.


Classically Catholic Memory


Spelling and Grammar: Riggs

Literature: A plethora of high quality, content rich, beautifully illustrated books will be used to enrich the students learning through and enjoyment of literature.

Composition: Memoria Press


Behold and See


 Connecting With History: World History from a Catholic Perspective will be the backbone of history for the whole school. This year we will begin with Ancient Times. This course will be geared in difficulty to the needs of the students enrolled. Class activities will be rich in variety and directed towards the interests and talents of the students enrolled. Geography study is included.


Math Mammoth

All math classes will include a whole school facts focus, encouraging all students to develop and maintain a mastery of basic math functions and facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, etc…


Enrichment will include Art, Music, Cooking, Sewing, and more!

Enrichment will support course work, Catechism, Feast Days, and liturgical living.

Recommended Courses


Intro to Latin (Latina Christiana)

This course introduces students to the language, culture, and history of the ancient Romans.  The beginning Latin student will improve his/her knowledge of English vocabulary and gain an understanding of the relationship of the ancient world to his or her own. 

Target grades:  5th and up  (motivated younger students are welcome)

Location:  St. Madeleine’s, Pomona

Tuition:  $200/year  (insurance and facility use fee may be added)

Schedule:  Friday afternoons; please see registration form for exact time of each class.

Instructor:  Cédric Ebiner, French and Latin teacher at Loyola High School; chair of the Modern & Classical Languages Department

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