High School Curricula and Schedule

8:30Divine Liturgy/MassDivine Liturgy/Mass
9:30English CompositionLiterature
2:00Science contd.Service Projects
School day ends at 2:30

All students are required to attend Mass/Divine Liturgy. All families are welcome and invited to attend as well.

Times will be confirmed with the finalization of the parish.

English Composition:

The high school core for composition will come from the Memoria Press family of composition texts. Dependent on enrollment and placement, the appropriate level will be chosen to meet the students’ needs. These texts will be enriched with writing opportunities to develop independent voice and individual creativity. The outcome of each level will include explicit knowledge of the components of high quality writing, exposure to exemplary works, and the ability to produce discrete writing samples such as expository and persuasive pieces with confidence.


Literature: Reading the The Old Testament: Scripture and Literature of the Hebrew Tradition: This course will focus on discerning the historical and prophetic meaning of the Old Testament in light of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Students will gain a rich knowledge of the stories, contexts, and rhetorical styles of the Old Testament books. The works of St Thomas and St Augustine’s De doctrina christiana will be the lenses through which students can gain a Catholic perspective on the literal and figurative interpretations of the Old Testament.


All math classes will include a whole school facts focus, encouraging all students to develop and maintain a mastery of basic math functions and facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, etc…

Algebra: The text for this course will be determined by the instructor. This course will provide students with a strong understanding of algebraic concepts and help them to develop a love of mathematics regardless of their previous experience or expertise in math. Math will be an opportunity to excel for all students. Students will grasp both a theoretical understanding of what algebra is and a functional mastery of its concepts.


Geometry: The text for this course will be determined by the instructor. This course will provide students with a strong understanding of geometry, its applications, its proofs and real world applications. Geometry will be brought to life with hands on and engaging activities.

Biology: This text will be determined by the instructor. Biology will be taught to help students explore the wonders of creation while establishing a firm foundation in the science of Biology. Meets the high school lab requirement.

History: Connecting With History: World History from a Catholic Perspective will be the backbone of history for the whole school. This year we will begin with Ancient Times. This course will be geared in difficulty to the needs of the students enrolled. Class activities will be rich in variety and directed towards the interests and talents of the students enrolled. Geography study is included.


Spanish: This text will be chosen by the instructor. An immersive, conversation focused course, students will gain an introductory knowledge of Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

Latin: We recommend that you consider studying latin under the tutelage of Cédric Ebiner. His classes are of the highest caliber and the Ebiner family contributes both educational excellence and a model of christian charity to the homeschooling community in the Inland Empire.

We encourage you to enroll for those classes here:

Latin 2020-2021: Registration Form

Second Form Latin:  This class solidifies what students learned in First Form Latin and furthers their knowledge of verb conjugations, declensions, and vocabulary.  History and culture are incorporated as well.  Target grades:  7th and up

Latin I (Henle):  Using the legendary and beloved Henle First Year Latin program, this class is the “real deal!”  In his textbook Fr. Henle combines exercises themed on the Classical and Ecclesiastical use of Latin, providing students an extremely well-presented organization of Latin grammar.  This provides students an opportunity to become true scholars of the language of Caesar, Cicero, and the Church.  Target grades:  7th-12th

Location:  St. Madeleine’s, Pomona

Tuition:  $200/year  (insurance and facility use fee may be added)

Schedule:  Friday afternoons; please see registration form for exact time of each class.

Instructor:  Cédric Ebiner, French and Latin teacher at Loyola High School; chair of the Modern & Classical Languages Department

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