Middle School Curricula and Schedule

6th through 8th Grades

8:30Divine Liturgy/MassDivine Liturgy/Mass
9:30LiteratureEnglish Composition
11:30 CatechismSpanish
2:00Service ProjectsScience Continued
School day ends at 2:30

Middle Grades are a wonderful time of transition from child to teen through the tween stage. These combined classes allow children moving into these transitional years to focus on relationships with one another and their community. The middle grades are a treated with great tenderness and attention to the developing heart, soul, mind, and body of the student. Each instructor will offer support in interpersonal skill development as well as academic and spiritual growth.


Classically Catholic Memory


Spelling and GrammarRiggs

Literature: Literature study will be drawn from the History core. This middle grades’ courses will focus on more in depth reading, inquiry, and the art of reading with a pen. Great Books and approachable novels will be integrated with non-fiction texts.

Composition: Memoria Press


Science in the Ancient World


 Connecting With History: World History from a Catholic Perspective will be the backbone of history for the whole school. This year we will begin with Ancient Times. This course will be geared in difficulty to the needs of the students enrolled. Class activities will be rich in variety and directed towards the interests and talents of the students enrolled. Geography study is included.


Math Mammoth

For those students requiring more advanced Math, pre-Algebra texts will be chosen at the discretion of the teacher. All math classes will include a whole school facts focus, encouraging all students to develop and maintain a mastery of basic math functions and facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, etc…


For middle grades an enrichment component will be interwoven into the courses thematic unit being taught.

Each class will integrate a rich academic and experiential component.

Recommended Courses


Intro to Latin (Latina Christiana)

This course introduces students to the language, culture, and history of the ancient Romans.  The beginning Latin student will improve his/her knowledge of English vocabulary and gain an understanding of the relationship of the ancient world to his or her own. 

Target grades:  5th and up  (motivated younger students are welcome)

Latin I (Henle)

Using the legendary and beloved Henle First Year Latin program, this class is the “real deal!”  In his textbook Fr. Henle combines exercises themed on the Classical and Ecclesiastical use of Latin, providing students an extremely well-presented organization of Latin grammar.  This provides students an opportunity to become true scholars of the language of Caesar, Cicero, and the Church.  Target grades:  7th-12th

Location:  St. Madeleine’s, Pomona

Tuition:  $200/year  (insurance and facility use fee may be added)

Schedule:  Friday afternoons; please see registration form for exact time of each class.

Instructor:  Cédric Ebiner, French and Latin teacher at Loyola High School; chair of the Modern & Classical Languages Department

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